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Root To Rise SIGNATURE themes

Hey Yoga Teacher,

Want to know what one of our top priorities are?

Providing YOU with VALUABLE resources and content so you can prosper as a teacher.

As yoga teachers ourselves we know there is an art to teaching an extraordinary yoga class.

And, we want to help you get there!

We’ve created two SIGNATURE Root To Rise themes. One for ROOTING and one for RISING.

Both are ready for you to download now as a bundle for $6.99.

Here's what you'll receive...

➡️A unique offering that your students will love.

➡️Key poses w/ prompts


➡️Meditations w/ scripts


➡️Link to 60 minute playlist.

➡️This theming toolkit is designed so you can mix and match the components to create a month's worth of classes with ease.

Each theme embodies through yoga, what it means to ROOT (the process of profoundly grounding yourself) and to RISE (the journey of becoming your best self).

So, take the thinking out of theming and planning your classes. Download our SIGNATURE themes and share something different with your students.

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