Standing Room Only

How to be THAT Yoga Teacher

This ebook reveals the 5 Pillars of Powerful Teaching based on the 5 Cs: Communication, Character, Connection, Commitment, and Consideration.

This ebook includes all five Pillars of Powerful teaching:
1. Communication
2. Character
3. Connection (including Intuition)
4. Commitment
5. Consideration

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The 5 Pillar eBooks

Pillar 1: Communication

You'll learn about more effectively receiving information and sending it, easily understandable cueing and coaching, demonstrating poses and customizing them, all while finding sweet spots of how to communicate more clearly and be THAT yoga teacher.

Pillar 2: Character

You’ll learn about the ways you can set the tone and feel for your yoga classes, transforming them from ordinary to extraordinary. You'll understand the 11 elements of class and how to effectively blend the basics with enhancements. Lastly, you'll learn the secrets of intelligent sequencing, and how to incorporate poses and transitions in a thoughtful, sensible, and safe way.

Pillar 3: Connection

You’ll learn how to create deeper connection with your students, encourage connection between students, and enrich connections between you and your fellow yoga teachers and the community at large. The foundation for all of this is a strong connection within yourself, which comes through Svadhyaya (self-study), tuning in, and honing your intuition.

Pillar 4: Commitment

You'll learn about the importance of maintaining a high level of commitment to yourself, your students, your fellow teachers, and the studio or fitness facility where you teach. Commitment is a prime difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Pillar 5: Consideration

You'll learn the necessity and the ins and outs of teaching all students with compassion in diverse and meaningful ways.